LED car lights are not only beautiful but also well designed. As a matter of fact, they give your car an attractive modern appearance. They striking light they produce will attract eyes and glances from all directions. In other words, you make a statement devoid of words. The right light choice complements a vehicle to its best potential. That is exactly what OSRAM LED products do. Let us examine the perfect design for both interior and exterior lighting.

Exterior Lighting

It is an exterior lighting that makes your car shine and attractive, whether ECE approved or just for an off-road purpose only. There are three perfect sets that fall in this category and can without a glitch suit your car.

LEDriving Fog Lights

This is an attractive set that comes with supplementary mounting brackets. The popularity of this model can be attributed to the fact that it can be tailored to suit nearly all types of cars. In fact, all the LEDriving fog lights are the best performance products in this context. They provide an up-to-the-minute LED technology (for example: H7 LED lights) for various style, a very bright light for more vivacity, and a stretched lifespan for extra power.

LED car lights


LEDriving XENARC is a perfect choice for Golf VI cars. These headlights give the autos a very distinctive appearance. In addition, it is feasible to upgrade from halogen to xenon headlights using LED day running luminosities in addition to LED car lights indicator. With this mix, there result from a ground-breaking and exceptional product in three options: Black Edition, Chrome edition, and the GTi Edition. These products have an extremely higher level of brightness, grander luminous range and a whiter light when compared to ordinary halogen headlights. With these wonderful retrofit xenon headlights, drivers can effectively take note of road signs and possible hazards on their way earlier enough than they could before.

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Interior Lighting

Lighting in a car can be very refreshing. You personally design the lighting in your auto to match your desires. The lighting atmosphere created can be attractive and pleasant not only to you but also to others you may give a ride. LEDambient connect products can boost the car interior look with powerful colors. In addition, you can get maximum benefits from the OSRAM LEDambient Connect app which will help manage color and mode within the beat of your song. Let us review at least two App organized LED car lights styling.

LEDambient Tuning Lights Connect

These products are designed to perfectly illuminate your car interior. Their installation and running are quite simple. In addition, the lights are very flexible apart from being self-adhesive, the reason why one can easily install them. Furthermore, the free OSRAM LEDambient CONNECT App allows an individual to manage color, mode, and various well-matched products with a single device via Bluetooth connection.

LEDambient Interior Strip Kit

With this one, the interior of your car can be illuminated with not only a powerful but also a long-lasting light. They are also self-adhesive and very easy to install. In fact, you don’t require screws or solders. It has an extremely high light that provides a perfect reflectiveness.
In summary of the above said, you have a lot of option when it comes to illumination, whether exterior or interior. OSRAM products are among the best qualities in the market. Nevertheless, the interior lighting products covered in this article do not have ECE approval and therefore should not be used for exterior purposes.

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