H7 LED car lights can cast a pretty focused and intense light without robbing too much from your car’s electrical systems. As technology in this field progresses the less energy it will be required and in exchange, you’ll get an illumination like never before, that is the beauty of installing H7 LED car lights, if you haven’t done it already, then, you shouldn’t waste any more time and head over to your local body shop and swap those old and malfunctioning halogen bulbs for a brand new set of H7 LED car lights.

Why make the change?

This one is pretty much a no-brainer, besides the aforementioned energy saving, another great aspect about H7 LED car lights is the fact that it can illuminate much more than a standard halogen headlight or a regular LED one.

The old Halogen technology was only able to “shoot” the light on an omnidirectional way, while H7 LED car lights thanks to their “diodes” (the places where the beam of light is emitted from) can create a focused and intense illumination, from its low setting all the way to the highest one, assuring that you’ll get what you need depending on the level of darkness you are driving through.

Single beam bulb vs. dual beam bulm

As you probably already know, all cars come with two different light settings, a low beam, and a high beam. Some of them achieved this by using just one bulb which is able to emit both beams, they are called Dual Beam Bulbs.

Other designs use two separate bulbs for the low beam and the high beam, that is the category in which H7 LED car lights fell in, and they are called Single Beam Bulbs.   

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Single Beam Headlights uses two headlight bulbs for each headlight while the Dual Beam headlights use only one bulb for each headlight. Why is this important? Well, even though H7 LED car lights are your best choice when making the transition from regular halogen headlights, if your car does not come with the Single Beam Setting then you won’t be able to adapt it, you’ll have to make due with the Dual one.

The Single Beam and the Dual Beam aren’t interchangeable due to the fact that the wiring on both Headlights in completely different therefore they are incompatible. Make sure that before you make any investment you consult with your local body shop.

Another great thing about H7 LED car lights is the fact that they allow either the car manufacturer or the car owner (during an aftermarket installation) to have more control over the lighting style of the Car. A LED headlight uses several smaller bulbs, this is also an advantage as they can be re-arrange in whatever form you like, giving your car a unique style no one else would have.

LED Lights are 100% compatible with any car model, the only things you need to be mindful are the aforementioned Single Beam or Dual Beam, other than that, you are good to go.

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